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Date : 15-10-18 20:54     
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Fans of Minimally Invasive Treatment for Prostate Cancer Rejoice!
Fans of Minimally Invasive Treatment for 
Prostate Cancer Rejoice!

Sonacare Medical’s HIFU equipment has been approved for treatment of prostate cancer by the FDA.
It has been 10 + years that we have waited for this to be approved by the US FDA.  The equipment will 
be available in the near future and patients will be able to be treated using HIFU soon.

HIFU offers minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer using Ultrasound Energy.  Because there is 
no ionizing radiation, there are no radiation side effects.  Also because it is minimally invasive and can 
be used focally, there is much reduced side effects of impotence or incontinence compared to 

This is a huge addition to our armamentarium for treatment of prostate cancer.

Please stay tuned! 


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